Quick and simple way to collaborate with influencers

Stop wasting time chasing influencers, and start collaborating with influencers who are ready to work with you!

Our awesome features

Influencer Marketing At Scale

We help you scale your influencer marketing with our community of influencers and level up your social marketing game!

Authentic content

People engage more with authentic content from influencers than brand content

Proven content

Choose influencers with confidence proven by the data

Repost and convert

Repost influencer created content to grow your channel and drive traffic to your store

Improve Ad performance

Run ads with the content that your target customer engage, and increase your marketing ROI

Level up your social media marketing with authentic influencers who are ready to work with you!

Why Musetown?

Influencers ready to work

Stop wasting time chasing influencers who may not be interested in a collaboration. You will receive a list of recommended influencers who are ready to work with you!

Data-driven decision

Make decisions like a pro with data about target audience and content performance along with insights from our experts.

Content leverage

You will have the right to repost influencer content to maximize value of the collaboration. Repost to grow your channel and add link to your shop page to drive traffic.

How Musetown Works?

1. Create Campaign

It's simple to create one. Explain why influencers should work with you!

2. Choose Influencers

You will get a list of influencers ready to work with you. Choose ones you like to work with and send your product.

3. Influencer Posts

Influencer will post the content. You can now repost it on your channel or create a story to drive traffic with it

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