What is MUSE Rewards?

We believe every collaboration should be properly compensated. MUSE Rewards help creators earn points that can turn into real cash or be used to purchase products or services from our partners.

Fun Collaboration

Pick products you want to try and have fun creating content

Earn Points

Earn MUSE Points from every activities you do on Musetown


You will earn more and grow as you participate

Use rewards

Cash out or use points to purchase products from our partners

Frequently Asked Questions

How much points can I earn?

Every campaign offers different points. Check out the points offered for each campaign when you apply. There is minimum points for any kind of collaboration, which is Ⓜ200. As you participate more, your rate will go up accordingly.

Why Is this better than affiliate?

Affiliate program is a great way to earn money from your amazing content. But not all affiliate program makes you money you want to cover your initial efforts. We provide points to help you make money from your content creation effort.

How can I earn points?

There are various ways for you to earn points. The most common way is by creating content for brands.

How can I turn my points into cash?

You can turn your points into cash when your balance exceeds Ⓜ1,000 (=$100). We currently support PayPal only.

What is the value of MUSE Points?

Ⓜ100 = $10 USD

What kind of products can I buy with MUSE Points?

(Currently in closed beta) We are adding more products from our brand partners for you to purchase with your MUSE Points.

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